I received my B.S.S.W. in Social Work and my M.A. in Sociology from Ohio State University. I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Akron (and Kent State University, which has a joint doctoral program in Sociology/Anthropology with U of A).  My major areas of interest and specialization include: Sex and Gender, Mass Communication, Deviant Behavior, Social Psychology, and Military Sociology.  A veteran of service in the U.S. Army, my published research and professional presentations include several studies of women in the military.  My dissertation was entitled The Amazon Complex: Ideological Dominance and Resistance in Media Representations of Women in the Military.  


I am currently teach online at Excelsior College.  Prior to that, I taught at University of Maryland University College (UMUC), the Ohio State University, Marion Technical College, the University of Akron, and the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (NEOUCOM).  Throughout my years as an educator, I have taught a variety of courses including: Deviant Behavior, Family and Society, Introduction to Women's Studies, Military Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Race Relations, Social Stratification and Inequality, Sociological Social Psychology, Technology and Society, Women in the Military, Work and Occupations, Sociology of the Workplace, and Social Movements.

My teaching philosophy can be summarized as follows: I believe that students will be motivated to learn if their instructor: (1) is enthusiastic, innovative, flexible, and open-minded; (2) strives to enhance their comprehension of the subject being taught; (3) treats them with respect; (4) provides them with constructive feedback and grades them fairly. My teaching philosophy is grounded in my passion for teaching and for the subjects I teach. It also reflects my view of teaching as a creative endeavor, and the high regard that I have for my students as unique individuals with diverse learning styles and levels of giftedness, coupled with my on-going commitment to providing them with the best possible learning experience.